Does it make sense to use an app when hiking? The whole point of picking a gorgeous hiking trail in Mpumalanga, is to disconnect for a few days and simply enjoy the quiet nature. Getting back in touch with the wild is just about impossible when you have your phone in your face, but one thing that can’t be denied is that technology has brought with it plenty of benefits, and it can make even outdoor adventures both easier and a lot more organised.

There are some kinds of hiking destinations, like Bermanzi, which has electricity available, allowing you to charge your phone and use any apps you’d like to check out. But the apps that we are going to feature are a mixture of apps to help you plan and apps to use while hiking. So let’s jump right in.

Hiking Mpumalanga
  • PlantSnap

This app was made to help you identify all kinds of plants that you’ll come across during your hike. It can also help you to stay safe, as it will warn you about which plants are possibly dangerous and could leave you with a rash and would make you sick if you ate them. This app is also fantastic for those who know a little about plants and want to test their knowledge.

  • Night Sky

When staying at Bermanzi, well away from all of the city lights, you will have some of the clearest views of the night sky. You’ll want to spend your evenings outdoors, with a glass of your favourite drink, taking it all in. There are more stars than you can imagine seeing, and with the Night Sky app, you will be able to identify all of the major stars as well as the constellations. This app is a fantastic tool for improving your knowledge of the stars and it provides all kinds of interesting information about each star and star formation.

  • PackPoint

Planning is key to every successful hike, and even though Bermanzi provides the accommodation and a few of the creature comforts, having a planning checklist a click away, can make your planning a whole lot more organised. You can add and delete items from the list and customise it according to your specific needs. With this app, you can quickly do away with your note pad and pencil, and safely store everything on your smartphone.

  • AccuWeather

Knowing what weather is in store for the day can help you dress correctly and pack exactly what you need in order to get the most out of your hiking adventure. AccuWeather shows daily temperatures, precipitation, and storm warnings up to two weeks in advance. The predictions are not always so accurate though, especially when looking into the future.

Bermanzi is the place to go hiking in Mpumalanga. Guests can enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure close to Machdodorp and enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the city.