Hiking is one of those hobbies that truly never grow old. At Bermanzi, we have a number of beautiful hiking trails for guests to enjoy, and our self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga is the perfect setting in which to start hiking.

Every hiking trail in South Africa offers something new and unique for those walking it. Exploring any trail can become the perfect way to relax and get back to nature, something we all occasionally need. In order to get you out there, enjoying our trails, we’re going to answer a few frequently asked questions our guests often have.

  1. How fit do you need to be?

Our trails are made for beginner hikers, so you need to be fairly fit but you don’t have to be marathon fit. The trails have their ups and downs, which can give you a real work out and have you feeling the heat, but that is part of the fun. When you get back from your hike, you’ll be feeling relaxed and at ease, ready to get settled into our self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga.

One thing that you have to remember when hiking in Mpumalanga is that none of the trails is meant to be treated as a race. You can hike at your own pace. If it takes you the whole day to complete the trail, that’s perfectly fine.

  1. Can you hike when you have asthma?

This is not really something that we can answer, as every person is different. The best thing you can do if you suffer from asthma is to consult with your doctor and get a professional opinion. The same goes for if you have allergies. There might be certain types of medication you’ll need to prevent a flare up, and your doctor is the best person to talk to about this.

  1. How safe is it to hike in South Africa?

Let’s say what everyone knows; South Africa has a reputation for being unsafe. This is a sad reality and it is something on the back of everyone’s minds when they are outdoors. Our hiking trails are privately owned. This means no one but our guests is allowed on them. That being said, we know that this means little to some people. So when hiking, make sure that you stay vigilant and trust your gut.

Hiking Mpumalanga

What kinds of equipment do you need?

It is easy to feel somewhat intimidated when you see how much equipment other people have when they hike. In all honesty, you don’t need to have loads of hiking equipment, especially if you are just hiking for a weekend. Making sure you have a small backpack, with snacks and water, a pair of worn, comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing. If you should have trouble walking, you can always invest in a pair of walking poles. These can provide you with additional support while walking. You can find a more comprehensive list of must-have hiking gear here.

Bermanzi is the best place to experience a thrilling day hike and we are a short drive away from Gauteng. Book your self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga and spend your next free weekend hiking.