A helpful checklist is the best way to kick start any adventure, especially is it is your first time hiking. There is a big difference between enjoying a day hike in Mpumalanga and signing up for a few days of walking, so when planning your trip, you need a checklist suitable for your needs.

When hiking in Mpumalanga, you can expect a bit of a more strenuous experience and so a little more planning can only be for the best.

What you need

Each hiker will have a list of their own unique needs which means that your checklist is likely to differ quite a lot from others. This is a general checklist of stuff you are likely to need but know that you can change and adapt the list according to your trip.

The Essentials

Every hike will require a number of the essentials. Be sure that you include the following in your backpack:

  • Comfortable shoes and socks. You should preferably have a pair of shoes that you’ve worn in and made comfortable, rather than try to hike in brand new shoes.
  • A dry pack, which can include clean clothes and which can also be used to keep valuables dry.
  • Sunscreen, a hat and a hydration system. When you are hiking out in the sun, you don’t want to get burned and you also don’t want to end up dehydrated.
  • Trekking poles. Should you be doing a difficult hike, or should you find that you need the additional support while hiking, having trekking poles can be a great

Having a few snacks in your bag and a tracking/GPS device of some sort will be a bonus!

Hiking trails in Mpumalanga

The Extras

These are the additional things you can include in your bag, should you feel they are necessary to have.

  • Bug spray. Keeping insects at bay is always a good idea, especially when you are hiking in humid climates where insects are rife. You don’t want the insect bite to be the most you remember from your hiking trip!
  • If you are going to be hiking through an area filled with unruly bush and find that you need to use your hands to move the sticks and thorns out of the way, gloves will be your best friends.

The Tools

Every hiker can do with having a few tools in their backpacks. Some of the tools you should consider include:

  • A multi-tool with a knife. You never know when these tools might come in handy.
  • For those who are on an overnight hike, packing a cooking pot and utensils is a must.
  • Again, if you are going to be embarking on an overnight hike, you should pack something to light your camp or light your way. A headlamp, solar lights or a battery powered torch are all fantastic options.

What you choose to pack for your hiking trip in Mpumalanga is up to you and your needs. Writing out your checklist and ticking off what you have while you are packing can help make your trip a whole lot easier.