Crisp mornings that will leave your cheeks bright pink, and ice-cold nights made for sitting outside around a boma with friends, July is a magical month to go hiking in Mpumalanga.

Although in other parts of the world summer is considered the best time of year to go hiking, for us South Africans, especially those of us who have a particular fondness for Mpumalanga and all of the wonderful hiking trails it has to offer, winter is the ideal time to hit the trails. 

And for a number of reasons.

There are going to be one or two days where snow dusts the mountain tops and the temperatures plummet to chilly lows, for the most part, our winters are wonderfully mild, making the winter season a perfect time to go on an outdoor adventure somewhere beautiful.

Most travellers coming to Mpumalanga to hike should consider booking a winter hike, as the season is truly a wonderful time of the year. Here at Bermanzi, we are situated close to Machadodorp (eNtokozweni), where the mountain tops sometimes see snow at this time of the year. This along with our beautiful scenery and landscapes, makes a winter hike one to remember. And after your hike, you can return to your cosy accommodation where you can spend the evening around the fire, enjoying the moment.

If you are thinking about going hiking this July in Mpumalanga, here’s why you will love it.

No Bugs, No Mozzies

One of the most annoying things about hiking in the summer months is the bugs. Insect bites especially ones that end up being rubbed by your boots, can really ruin the vibe. And trying to sleep while being constantly woken up by the buzzing of a mosquito can leave you feeling tired rather than rested.

In the winter, there are very few insects around.

Trails are Quiet

Even here in South Africa, not everyone likes to travel or hike in winter. For the most part, and especially if you decide to go on your hiking trip after the winter school holidays, hiking trails and destinations can be rather quiet. If you are looking for serenity and solitude during your hiking trip, winter is a good season to plan a trip.


Hiking in summer often results in a hot and sticky holiday. And that can be rather uncomfortable, especially for those who are not so keen on that sort of experience. When you go hiking during the winter months, your trip can be a whole lot more comfortable and pleasant. That’s not to say that you won’t sweat a little bit, but it will be nothing like summer.

Winter is also a pretty wonderful time of year to go hiking in Mpumalanga if you are a photography enthusiast. The clear skies make for some wonderful photos but be sure to book your trip before August, as wild fires due to the dry weather, often ruin visibility towards the end of the season.