Hiking Trails

The Lowveld has some of the naturally most beautiful landscapes in South Africa. Because of  all the stunning landscapes and all the truly beautiful locations to be found, many hiking trails have been made for people to explore the beauty of the lowveld up close. Bermanizi has a wonderful hiking trail that provides guests with breath taking views of the Waterfall and the surrounding wood. Many people love to explore the world and take on many different hiking Trails.

Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail

The Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail is a beautiful criss cross hike through the beautiful lowveld landscape. Located within the Blyderivierspoort Nature Reserve, Hikers depart for one of the many trails from the Forever Resorts and can choose to go with a guide or to go on their own. The trail is not only known for its beautiful forests but also for its stunning rock formations that many hikers cannot resist climbing and clambering all over. There are also a couple of unique trails that can be taken from the Blyde River Canyon Forever Resort.

Forest Falls Nature Walk

There I just something about taking a walk in the shade of lumbering trees and winding through the forest. The feeling of total relaxation and bliss. AT the Forest Falls Nature Walk, hikers wind their way through the forest on a clear and visible marked path. Located near Sabie, hikers can enjoy a peaceful stay at the Peaceful town when planning on going on a hike through this amazing trail. Hikers will walk along the river and will even be faced with a beautiful cascading waterfall.

Dullstroom on the Dam Hiking Trail

The Dulstroom Hiking Trail is a relaxing and peaceful nature experience, all done around the dam. With plenty of activities to do while there, visitors can take one of the many hiking trails where they will walk along the beach and enjoy the Quitet and beauty of nature. Visitors can also retravel the hiking trails while on horseback, providing a different experience than when you were hiking on foot. There is plenty of place for people to camp at an is considered a wonderful place to spend the night, under the stars surrounded by nature. There are many activities that also happen at the dam so there are also some exciting events that can happen while on one of the trails.

Wathaba Hiking Trail

The Wathaba Hiking Trail is an exciting and beautiful hiking trail that starts near the sleepy town of Machadodorp. The rolling hills of the Mathaba Hiking Trail provide spectacular views and unique formations for hikers to enjoy while on their hike. The Trail has a variety of unique obstacles, from rivers, steep hills and mountains, to rocky outcrops and the eventual change of pace on the flatter areas. There are many areas where the trees cover the route providing some shade from the hot Lowveld Sun.