Every hiker, especially those who are so keen on hiking that they just want to grab a bag and get outdoors as quickly as possible, need to have a special adventure bag that will make any thoughts of intense planning make you go “What planning?”

An adventure bag is something that is basically a hiking bag but with a few extra things inside it to take your whole experience to the next level! With an adventure bag waiting at your door, you won’t have to worry too much about the packing side of your trip and you will also not have to be too concerned about misplacing some of your essential hiking gear when you are getting ready to hit the trail.

The bag you have is as important as the stuff you will be packing, so when choosing your bag, make sure that you have made the right choice. Your bag should not be so heavy and bulky that you either can’t carry it or you can carry it but it becomes so uncomfortable that by the time you are halfway down the trail, you are exhausted.

Since you won’t be needing all of the pockets and additional space in order to ensure that you have everything that you need to have the best possible hike, opting for a more compact bag is best.

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But what to put in your adventure bag?

Now the adventure bag is not meant to be carrying your clothing or the food that you might be taking along for your weekend away. The bag is meant to be full of the things you will need while on the trail.

To make it easier for you to know what you can include in your bag, these are some of the basics (keep summer hiking in mind).

  1. A compact first aid kit

A couple of bandages and plasters, as well as a small bottle of disinfectant can be a “lifesaver” when you end up with a small scratch or a nasty blister while out on the trail. You get those really small kits in most pharmacies and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  1. A hat and a bandana

Hats are not for everyone and a bandana might not be your thing, but if you are to get to a point in the day when it just gets too hot and you need some protection from the sun, then having either of these might be a welcome addition to your backpack. A bandana can also be a great thing to have if you need to bind something.

  1. Water Bottle and Filter

Most day hikes won’t require much by way of a water filter but if you are well away from a safe water source and you need to filter water, having the right tools will go from being an unnecessary expense to a most welcome one.

  1. Extra socks

This might sound like a weird tip but there is always the possibility that you end up with wet socks when trying to cross a stream or should it rain. If this happens, you will be very happy you have those dry socks in your bag!

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