Going Solo: Tips for Hiking on your Own

There is much to be said for solitude. Doing things on your own can be empowering. But while we generally think that solitude is only something that we can appreciate when we’re alone at home or enjoying a solo shopping trip, being alone outdoors can be just what you need when looking for a way to restore your mind.

Hiking trails in Mpumalanga are not necessarily a team venture although safety in numbers is often a consideration that many people have to make. There is a risk if you are thinking about hiking alone, but if you choose the right hiking trail as well as the right place, the risk can be minimised.

But this blog is not meant to focus on the risks of solo hiking, but rather the rewards.

When you choose to go solo when hiking in Mpumalanga, we have a few tips to keep you safe along the way.

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Hiking on your own can give you the perfect opportunity to do some introspection and to recharge your mind. When hiking in a group you will often be distracted by the fun and excitement elicited by the weekend break. When hiking on your own, you can really get back in touch with yourself, while getting back to nature.

There is all the time in the world when hiking on your own. No groups to push the pace, no rush to get back to your self-catering accommodation to get a fire started. You are completely free to do as you please and to take as much time as you like.

That is one thing we’re often missing in this rushed world: the freedom to set our own pace.

And then there is space. Both mentally and physically, you will have no constraints when it comes to your space. This is why solo hiking in Mpumalanga can be so freeing. With no one in your way and all the freedom you could need when you want some mental space, you will soon feel refreshed.

Doing something like this on your own, basically heading out on your own little adventure can also do wonders for your confidence.  You’ll realise just what you are capable of doing when you don’t have a group of people around you. This is the perfect time to dump your stress, to take some control in your life, and to simply enjoy every moment of being outdoors.

Hiking trails in Mpumalanga

The Best Solo Hiking Tips

  1. Get physical before your hike. Be sure that you are fit enough to hike the trail. Exhausting your energy and having to take plenty of breaks can prevent you from completing the trail before nightfall.
  2. Have a two way radio on you. Going on a solo hike doesn’t mean that you completely cut ties with everyone. You need to tell people you are going on a hike and you need to have a way to communicate if you need assistance. Talk to someone at the trail and ask if there is a way that you can get in touch with them if need be.
  3. Pack all of the usual hiking accessories that every other hiker would pack. You should also think about packing pepper spray or something similar.

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