Winter has seemingly crept in overnight but that shouldn’t stop you from embarking on a wonderful hiking experience while staying at our warm and cosy self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga.

For many hikers, the weather is hardly something that will put them off of their favourite pastime. Both summer and winter hiking requires some planning effort, especially when hiking in Mpumalanga. Our mornings and evenings can get quite frigid in the winter, but when out in the sunshine around midday, the heat can get to you and leave you dehydrated and exhausted if you haven’t planned properly.

To help you get the most out of your winter hiking adventure, you can make use of our latest tips.

Hiking Mpumalanga
  1. Layer your clothing

Dressing like an onion has many benefits and being able to strip off a few layers once it starts to get a little warm will make your hiking really enjoyable. When it is colder, having insulating clothing can make you feel more comfortable. Sometimes all you really need is a versatile jacket that you can shed once the day warms up. Comfortable shoes and thick warm socks are also a must, for both comfort and warmth. It’s also a good idea to pack gloves and waterproof clothing. While rain is very rare during the winter months, dew and frost are not.

  1. Don’t choose the most difficult trail

Don’t try to take on the longest or toughest hiking trail in winter. Not only are the daylight hours a lot shorter, meaning you could end up in the dark, but in winter your muscles are also going to require more warming up than usual. If you are not at your peak of physical fitness, you could injure yourself by setting off too quickly or by taking on a trail that is far too strenuous. Remember, hiking is something to enjoy in moderation, it’s not a race and can be completed in your own time.

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  1. Pack something warm to drink

Tea, coffee or milo are fantastic warm beverages to pack when you are hiking. Often, drinking water is almost forgotten in the cold, and you end up becoming quite dehydrated. Sipping on something warm in a thermos will prevent dehydration and it will quickly warm you up on those very cold days. Taking a hot drink break can be very encouraging when you are close to the end of the trail but losing motivation.

After a day of hiking, it is very important that you get a hot meal in you. A meal will quickly replenish your energy and warm you up. If you are staying at our self-catering accommodation in Mpumalanga, close to Machadodorp, you should plan your meals in advance so that you have what you need.

Bermanzi is Mpumalanga’s top hiking destination and we have some of the most exciting hiking trails for you to explore. Book your stay with us this winter, and get into the great outdoors.