Summer Hiking In Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is one of the most stunning provinces of South Africa. The rugged landscapes consist of deep gorges, magnificent waterfalls and lush natural forests, which make up the scenery you can expect to hike through in the eastern part of the province.

At beautiful Bermanzi, we have offer hiking in Mpumalanga along with quality accommodation.

As this is such a beautiful place in the country, it goes without saying that there are numerous hiking trails in Mpumalanga to be enjoyed. Some are easy trails while others can be more difficult to traverse, but this simply means there is a lot of variety to be enjoyed here.

In fact, the list of hiking trails in Mpumalanga seems endless once you start researching. What many of these trails lack, however, is overnight accommodation. There are plenty of day hiking trails but when you want to make a whole weekend of hiking, having a quiet place to stay over, preferably close to the trails, turns a day hike into a comfortable weekend getaway.

At Bermanzi, we not only have exciting hiking trails taking you deep into our beautiful province, we also have affordable accommodation facilities to return to after a long day of walking. We have three hiking trails in Mpumalanga to choose from and if you are not sure which will be the ideal one for you, simply ask us. We know our hiking trails well and we’ll be more than happy to guide your decision making.

Tips for hiking in Mpumalanga

If there is one thing that our province is known for, it’s our hot and humid summer months. Generally, hikers are more inclined to get outdoors when the days are warm as hiking in the cold can be rather unpleasant. Hiking in summer is a little different to hiking in winter. While in both seasons you will have to dress appropriately and be sure to stay well hydrated, there are some other tips to take heed of.

  1. Get out there early

During the summer months, the day is already getting light come 5 am. And the earlier you set out for your hike, the better, seeing as the day can be quick to heat up. Hiking in the morning not only promises pleasant temperatures but it also brings great visibility and a serene quietness that, should you be under a lot of stress and looking to relax, is sure to bring you mentally back to yourself.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Our summers are scorchers. Before you even realise it, you might be dehydrated and suffering from the rough effects thereof. Take enough water with you and if need be, take a healthy energy drink along as well. This will put the electrolytes that you have lost, back into your body.

  1. Nibble something

You are not just losing water. You are also losing potassium and sodium. Both of these are part of the electrolytes you’ll be needing back as both are very important for keeping your energy levels up. Take a salty snack along with you. A trail mix will be great for giving back the lost energy.

There is beautiful scenery to be seen along every one of our hiking trails.

You don’t have to be a pro to take on one of our hiking trails in Mpumalanga, but you should be aware of these hiking basics. Book your stay at Bermanzi and enjoy the gorgeous sights when hiking in our wild province.