Happy Feet: Prevent Blisters when on our hiking trails in Mpumalanga

Hiking in Mpumalanga has to be one of the most invigorating experiences. The trails are simply gorgeous and all along the way you are likely to see something that, in its own way, is completely unique. From towering waterfalls to deep gorges, hikers from around the country travel to Mpumalanga just to experience the sheer beauty of the area.

Although there is so much beauty to behold when on one of the hiking trails in Mpumalanga, such as those at Bermanzi, there is a downside. It is the one thing that can really put a damper on your hike.


Every hiker, jogger, runner, or recreational walker, has experienced them and cursed the pain that they bring. Blisters can be especially horrible when you get them right at the beginning of a weekend of hiking. They are going to be ever present and always noticeable the moment you put on your shoes.

But, for many of us, blisters are an inevitable part of life when you choose to do a long hike. Speaking from personal experience, I have felt my shoes rub my heels raw when hiking. And the worst part is that the blisters appeared long before I was at the end of the hiking trail. This pain became even worse when I happened to get my feet a little wet.

Rather than being despondent about blisters and resigning yourself to a fate of agony, there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain so that hiking trails in Mpumalanga can be thoroughly enjoyed when you embark on them.

hiking trails in mpumalanga

Here’s what you can do about blisters:

  1. It’s all about finding the right shoes

With the right pair of comfortable, proper hiking shoes, you won’t have to worry too much about blisters happening. This means going out and trying on every pair of shoes you can find instead of buying just any old pair. These days’ good shoes are as good as well-worn shoes.

  1. But still, break them in

Setting out on a rough hiking trail in Mpumalanga in a pair of hiking boots that you have never worn before can be the recipe for blisters. So buy your shoes well before you intend to go hiking and then wear them until they fit comfortably and snuggly.

  1. Tie your laces properly

A strange piece of advice to give you, since you have probably been tying your laces all your life, but there is such a thing as tying them wrong. You could be tempted to tie the laces tightly, but this could actually result in getting blisters. Give your feet some room by tying the laces loosely, just enough to support your foot but not as tight as you normally would.

Make peace with the fact that you are likely to get blisters when hiking, and know that these blisters can change your approach to hiking trails in Mpumalanga. But use our tips, and find a few others that will work for you, and your hike is going to be a lot more pleasant.

Bermanzi offers some of the best hiking trails in Mpumalanga. Come spend the day with us or book one of our self-catering accommodation facilities and enjoy the great outdoors.