Other Gorgeous Places to Go Hiking In Mpumalanga

At Bermanzi, we are the best place to enjoy a quick but action-packed weekend getaway! We have some truly stunning places to go hiking in Mpumalanga. And after a day’s adventuring, our self-catering accommodation is the perfect place to kick back.

And once you have traversed our hiking trails, there are some other places in the province worth exploring.

At beautiful Bermanzi, we have offer hiking in Mpumalanga along with quality accommodation.

When you are visiting Mpumalanga and you are planning to spend as much time outdoors as possible, hiking is just the thing you need. It’s inexpensive, you don’t have to be marathon fit, and your days will be filled with stunning sights. There is a reason so many people choose Mpumalanga as their hiking destination. It’s because there are so many different trails, with each offering something truly spectacular.

Bermanzi is in the Machadodorp region. Which makes us close enough for you to visit most other hiking destinations in the province. Mpumalanga is filled with hiking trails that will have you in awe. From waterfalls to mountains, sharp ravines and forests, there is much to see here.

We have three excellent hiking trails available for both day guests as well as weekend guests. But when you are planning to spend a week or more seeing the province, here are some other hiking trails to explore.

The Fanie Botha Trail

One of the most picturesque places in the province has to the hills and forests surrounding Sabie. The Fanie Botha Trail takes hikers up above both the Mac Mac Falls and the Lone Creek Falls. Walking through quiet forests which open up to valleys is an indescribable experience.

This hike is a long one though. At around 75 km, you will need about 5 days to complete the trail. The nice thing about this hike, however, is that you can choose to not walk the entire way. Many hikers opt to only do a day or two on the trail before venturing off to a different area of the province.

The Escarpment Trail

For those staying at Bermanzi, this trail is conveniently close by. The Escarpment Trail is about 17 km long and takes you past the second-highest waterfall in the province. The trail is close to Machadodorp and can take about 2 days to complete. The scenery is absolutely stunning, with the views looking over the Komati Valley. This trail also goes through the Bankspruit gorge where you will pass by sparkling pools and flowing streams.

The Queen Rose Trail

Barberton is one of the oldest areas of the country. It goes without saying that the natural features of this part of the world are simply beautiful. This is one of the more natural trails in the province. If you are looking to get up as close as possible to the surrounding nature, this is the trail for you. The trail itself is inside the Nelshoogte Nature Reserve and hikers will see the Queens River as well as the Montrose River. Along the way, you will pass over a suspension bridge, walk through lush vegetation and venture through a forest.

There is beautiful scenery to be seen along every one of our hiking trails.

At Bermanzi, we have 3 stunning hiking trails in Mpumalanga as well as comfortable self-catering accommodation in Machadodorp. Contact us today to book your getaway weekend.