Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. The air is cool and everything is slower but the colours of the landscape gets painted in beautiful earthy colours. Many trees and flowers will be coloured in bright oranges, yellows and reds and browns. When the landscape starts to grow dark and dull and devoid of life, these autumn flowers and plants can add a surprising amount of colour and décor. While walking through the landscapes you can easily find stunning and beautiful flowers to catch your attention and make your experience so much more memorable.

Wild Dagga

The Wild Dagga, also known as the Lion’s Tail, is a dense bush that has 4 stems that are square in shape. Leaves grow in pairs and are covered in tiny hairs. The top of the plant has a golf ball like structure from which the long orange-red flowers grow. The flowers are tubular in shape which are separated into two separate lips, with the upper lip having a notable hooded appearance.

Wild dagga grows in thickets and can be found growing in Mpumalanga in the Lowveld and Kruger National Park, as well as in Limpopo. The Wild Dagga has a place in the medical field that has properties that have been known to treat Epilepsy, constipation, and Type 2 Diabetes.


The Crane Lily is a very iconic flower in South Africa, found in a majority of gardens and in the wilderness. Also known as the Bird of Paradise. The flower grows from a long stem. The flower bends 90 degrees and ends in a point. From the short stem at the top, multiple orange coloured petals fold out of it. It looks similar to folding back layers of a tissue. The front most flower is blue in colour and is the part that receives the pollen from other flowers. The Bird of Paradise is a beautiful flower, but the stem of the plant is poisonous to ingest to both humans and animals alike.

Shewa Aloe

The Shewa Aloe is a short aloe that dwells on the ground. It grows a short stem from its centre. The Shewa Aloe grows in small groups in sandy and rocky areas. The centre of the Aloe is a light green colour that goes to yellow/orange towards the tips. The Shewa Aloe, like other Aloes, have sharp thorns that grow along the edge of its leaves. Shewa Aloes are currently an endangered species. Its flowers bloom at the top of the stem. The flowers are long and tube like in shape and are a bright orange / yellow colour that can stand out from the dull surroundings during autumn and winter.

Aloes are all known for their usage in the medical field. The gel of an aloe plant can be used to treat burn wounds and to soothe the pain. Aloe Gel also help to improve digestive health as well as to help clear acne.  People also use aloe meat in a refreshing and healthy drink.