A Quick Hikers Guide to Etiquette: Part 1

When hiking in Mpumalanga on one of our exciting trails, you might not come across anyone else. However, should you encounter fellow hikers exploring the trail, our etiquette guide might just come in handy!

There are no set rules for hiking, but practising a little etiquette for fellow hikers can go a long way towards making everyone’s hike a pleasant one.

Bermanzi has three fantastic hiking trails in Mpumalanga. We welcome day guests as well as overnight guests, including church groups, hiking clubs and families looking for a weekend outdoors. Our hiking trails are fairly easy and ideal for everyone. Whether you are a weekend hobby hiker or someone looking to try a different kind of adventure, our hiking trails are just perfect.

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Hikers Etiquette Guide: Part 1

  • Hikers heading uphill have the right of way

Going uphill can often be more strenuous than when you head the other way. And, generally, those hiking uphill are not going to be completely aware of what’s heading their way since they are often looking at their feet, and concentrating on their pace. If you are heading down and a hiker on the path is coming up, stand aside and let them pass you. By doing this they won’t have to slow down, and perhaps lose their memento. Remember, they are probably quite tired due to the uphill climb, and if they stop they might have a hard time getting going again.

  • When in a group, walk single file

A big group will block the path and make things difficult for other hiking groups. If you end up on a narrow path, and you are in a group, you should walk single file to give everyone a chance to comfortably hike. Where the trail is wider, then, of course, you can walk in a group again.

  • The slow lead the way

There is nothing more unpleasant than trying to keep up with the super fit, fast hiker. If you are not as fit as they are, your peaceful hike is going to feel more like a marathon, and before long you will be completely exhausted. The slowest of your group should be allowed to lead the way and as a result, set the pace. Not only will this ensure a peaceful hike, but it is also the safer option. Should someone fall behind or get hurt during the hike, you can always fall back and help them.

This is something that you should discuss with your group.

  • Don’t stray

Hiking trails in Mpumalanga are designed to keep you safe by guiding your through the wilderness. If you were to try to make your own path, you and your group could easily get lost or hurt. You will also end up damaging the pristine, untouched vegetation that is on either side of the path.

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At Bermanzi, we have some of the best hiking trails in the Machdodorp area. Be sure to check out part 2 of this hiking etiquette guide next month!