There is no better way to spend a holiday in Mpumalanga than by hitting a few of the hiking trails that can be found dotted all over the province.

Mpumalanga is every outdoor enthusiasts dream destination. The scenery is breathtaking and in most places quite untouched by the modern world, and some of the hiking trails are so remote that it can feel as though you are taking a step back in time and seeing the landscape through the same eyes that those early inhabitants once saw them.

But hiking on your own can be a little too daunting, while for other hikers, the trip is not nearly as enjoyable when they are not a part of a group. In Mpumalanga there are all sorts of welcoming hiking clubs that you can join for a day trip or for a weekend away. Some of these hiking clubs are older than others, but just about all of them have at least one weekend a month where everyone gets together and goes on a fun adventure out in the wilderness.

When choosing a hiking club, you should make sure that they are taking on a trail that you will be comfortable with. Some trails are naturally going to be a lot more difficult than others, in terms of fitness, so it is important that you plan well. You should also consider rather planning around the hike you want to do with the club, rather than trying to fit your one weekend away around just any old hike, unless you are really not all that fussy.

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Mpumalanga Hiking Clubs

Before you choose a club, keep the fees in mind. Most clubs take on hiking trails that will require a permit, in which case both you and regular club members will need to pay a small fee. Usually club members pay a little bit less than the once off hiker.

If you are keen to go hiking on your next Mpumalanga holiday, here are a few clubs to consider.

  1. The Sunrise Hiking Club

This is one of those hiking clubs that is only a few years old but already much-loved by its members and the hiking community. Those who hike with this club are enthusiastic to the extreme, committed to loving each and every moment they spend outdoors and to get fit. A hike with this club is so much more than a hike, it is also a real learning experience. The club mostly hikes around the Nelspruit area, but some of their adventures do go further away.

  1. The Bush Runners Hiking Club

If you are in the Ermelo region, this is the club for you. The members have hiked closer to home and they have also taken on trails much further away, such as the Queen Rose Hiking Trail in Barberton.

  1. The Ramblers Club

The Nelspruit Rambling Club goes to some of the most incredible places, to see all of the incredible sightings that the Lowveld has to offer. The club is ideal for both new hikers and those who are a lot more experienced. They take on most hiking trails, and they hike on most weekends.

If what you want is a solo hiking trip, come to Bermanzi. We have a range of stunning and fun hiking trails in Mpumalanga for you to experience.