Summer is upon us and soon enough you’ll be planning some time outdoors, in the sun. Nothing quite creates those feel good, end of the year, holiday vibes than hiking in Mpumalanga. Following an exciting trail through forests and down into gorges can leave you feeling like an intrepid adventurer, discovering wild, untamed places.

But unlike those early adventurers, you don’t have to worry about getting lost while trying to figure out how to follow the sun.

Having basic hiking gadgets is very important when hiking on a trail that is not well known. Generally, hiking trails in Mpumalanga, especially the three you will come across at Bermanzi, are well looked after and guests don’t really need any gadget to safely walk the trail. The trails that you should probably pack a few gadgets for are those that are more rustic or that take a few days to complete.

Sometimes, it is just nice to have a few “hiking accessories”.  You have no idea what you might come across along the way, and it’s best to tackle all hikes with a Boy Scout motto “be prepared!”


The Must Haves

  • A Swiss Army Knife

You can’t go wrong when investing in a good quality Swiss Army Knife. Your knife can be used for a number of things, from cutting through knots to preparing food. The added bits and pieces are also useful, depending on what your needs will be. Look out for a knife that is bigger than a pocket knife and which has a few handy basics such as a screwdriver, corkscrew and file.

  • A Trusty Watch

A reliable watch is a must, regardless of whether you are partaking in a day-long Mpumalanga hike, or venturing off on a five day Mpumalanga hiking trail. Keeping an eye on the time will ensure that you will get back to your accommodation or to your next destination on time. Depending on the type of watch you have, it could be so much more than a timekeeper. You should choose a watch that has a compass or GPS tracker, and make sure that the watch is waterproof.

  • An Emergency First Aid Kit

Scraps and scratchers, blisters and sunburn, they are all a part of a day’s hiking, especially during the summer months. Having a small emergency first aid kit, with plasters, bandages and sunblock is a good idea. You don’t have to carry around a doctor’s medical kit! Just the basics will do.

  • A GPS Tracker

This is a must if you are going off the beaten track or if the track is a little overgrown and you are worried you’ll lose your way. A day-long hike might not require a GPS tracker, because these are generally well maintained, but it’s those week-long hikes that could turn you around and get you lost. If you are worried about losing your way, even a basic small tracker can do the job.

Bermanzi’s hiking trails in Mpumalanga are some of the best the country has to offer. Book your self-catering accommodation and spend a weekend adventuring.