Hiking is that past time that just never seems to get old. Heading out on a trail and taking in that fresh air, those amazing sightings, and returning with that feel good feeling that can only come from getting a good workout, is exactly what all hiking lovers strive for!

But on those busier trails, when you are almost guaranteed to bump into another hiker, there are sometimes going to be a few awkward moments that you will have to contend with.

The hiking trails in Mpumalanga, those at Bermanzi, are a little more secluded than your average trail and that is because our trails are exclusively for those who are staying at Bermanzi. While that is one of the biggest appeals about staying at our accommodation in Machadodorp, our trail is not going to be the only hike that you ever partake in. This means, in the future, you might just find yourself alongside other hikers, and you are going to want your good memories to outweigh the bad.

So how can you be sure that you are on your best behaviour while on the trail and how can you deal with those who are not behaving?

  1. Dealing with fast people

Hiking trails attract people of all kinds. Some are walking at such a pace that it looks like they are in a race while others are using bicycles. When you are totally focused, and in your happy zone, you are not always going to be on the lookout for what anyone else is doing. A good tip is to stay on one side of the trail, if there are others around you. This way you are out of the way and you won’t have to deal with sudden shouts from those asking you to move.

  1. No man left behind

On a busy trail, you might well come across a hiker in distress. Some people are not used to the intensity of the hike and quickly become worn out, while others might not have packed appropriately and as such they end up dehydrated. You should never hurriedly walk past them, leaving them to get on with it. Instead, you should stop and ask them if there is anything you can do to help them.

  1. Dealing with close hikers

A hike is supposed to be a laidback adventure, but you are always going to get those busy people who will walk right up behind you, making you feel very rushed. If you have a person breathing down your neck, simply walk to the side and take a “breather”. Once the person has passed you,  you can return to the trail to complete your peaceful trip.

  1. Leave the music at home

If the whole point of the hike is to break free from your busy life, and get back into nature, having music blasting in your ears is not going to help. And what’s worse is hiking with portable speakers which disrupt fellow hikers and nature alike. Leave the music for home, and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.