Craving a hike that throws everything but the kitchen sink at you?

Then Mpumalanga, where the humidity hits you like a slap, might just be the perfect destination for you. But don’t worry, it’s not all prickly heat and soggy socks – hiking in the the humid, rainy season can be an epic, rewarding experience, if you know what you’re doing.

Just imagine walking peacefully through the lush bush with the surrounding emerald valleys cloaked in mist, waterfalls roaring like banshees, and the air so thick you can practically chew it.

That’s the magic of hiking in Mpumalanga when the heavens open. The scenery is just jaw-droppingly beautiful, and once the rains have fully quenched the dry landscape, the wildlife comes alive, and so does the challenge – let’s just say that hiking during this season separates the trekkers from the mere sightseers!

At Bermanzi, we are an idyllic hiking destination and with our available self-catered accommodation, you can really make a memorable weekend trip of your quick hiking getaway.

If the months of October to February, when the humidity is at its peak, here’s how to survive and thrive:

Dress like a chameleon

Quick-drying, breathable layers are key  to a comfortable hike. Cotton is your friend in these conditions, because it is so light and breathable, and you should also pack a rain jacket that’s more than just a fashion statement. Think “monsoon shield.”

Hydrate like a pro

This isn’t your average stroll where a sip or two suffices. You will be sweating a lot in these conditions, so drink plenty of water, electrolyte tablets, and consider a hydration pack for easy access. Remember, sweat doesn’t just leave you wet, it leaches essential minerals, and when you run low on minerals, your energy will be depleted.

Channel your inner gecko

Traction is important when the trail is wet and slippery. You should invest in good pair of hiking boots with aggressive treads to combat those slippery paths. Trust me, a faceplant in the mud is not on the itinerary.

Be sun-savvy

Even the grayest skies harbour UV rays, in fact, some of the worst sunburns can happen on a cloudy day. Be sure to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen suitable for humid conditions. And don’t underestimate the power of a reflected sunburn.

Listen to your body

Humidity zaps energy fast. To make the most of your hike, pace yourself, take breaks, and don’t be afraid to turn back if you feel overwhelmed. This isn’t a race, it’s an adventure.

Why Hike During this Season?

Sure, it’s challenging, but hear us out:

  • The solitude: With fewer hikers around, you get a deeper connection with the wild, almost feel like you’ve discovered a secret kingdom.
  • The drama: Waterfalls at their most powerful, rivers in full flow – the landscape transforms into a nature documentary come to life.
  • The challenge: Pushing your limits in tough conditions builds resilience and makes you appreciate the sunshine even more. Plus, bragging rights!

And remember, the dangers are real. Keep an eye out for:

  • Flash floods: Keep an eye on the weather and respect any warnings. Don’t cross flooded rivers or attempt hikes known to be dangerous during floods.
  • Heat exhaustion: It’s easy to underestimate the combined effect of heat and humidity. Stay aware of the symptoms and take action if needed.
  • Slipping and sliding: Watch your step! Loose rocks, muddy paths, and hidden dips can lead to nasty falls. Be cautious and enjoy the scenery, but keep your eyes peeled.

So, are you ready to conquer the Mpumalanga’s rainy season? It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those who like to push the boundaries, the rewards are unforgettable memories. Book your trip today.