Is the concrete jungle starting to get a little on your nerves? Are you yearning for fresh air and winding trails, but a weekend getaway just feels out of reach? What you need to satisfy your inner hiking is a spot of urban hiking. It might be just what you need before you can visit us at Bermanzi!

Forget the multi-day treks and camping gear. Urban hiking makes the most of the hidden green spaces and unique pathways most cities have to offer. Such a hiking experience is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature, to rediscover the hidden corners of your own city, and to sneak in some exercise, all without ever leaving the familiar grid (while at the same time saving you loads of money, that you can spend later on when you plan a proper break).

If this is something that sounds like fun to you, here are some tips to get you started on your urban hiking adventure:

Gear Up (Lightly)

You won’t need a full backpack, but comfortable shoes with good tread are a must. You can also pack a refillable water bottle, a hat, and a good sunscreen. Depending on the length of your hike, you can bring along a small backpack for your snacks and a light rain jacket, just in case.

Plan Your Path

Many cities have excellent resources online for urban hiking trails. You should look for routes that wind through parks, greenways, or will take you for a walk along scenic waterways. If you want to learn more about your city, you can also incorporate historic districts or architectural landmarks into your walk for an extra dose of urban exploration. GPS apps can also be helpful for route planning and tracking your mileage.

Embrace the Detours

The beauty of urban hiking is its flexibility. Don’t be afraid to veer off the planned route and discover hidden alleyways, charming cafes tucked away in quiet streets, or public art installations you might have otherwise missed. Let your curiosity be your guide – you might stumble upon a local gem or a historical marker that adds a new layer of appreciation for your city.

Hike with Your Senses

Now is the time to disconnect from your phone and tune into the sights, sounds, and smells of your urban environment. Listen to the birds chirping in the park, admire the intricate details of historic buildings, or savour the aroma of freshly baked bread from a local bakery. Urban hiking is a fantastic form of mindfulness, allowing you to appreciate the little details and unexpected encounters that make your city unique.

Refuel and Recharge

Many urban hikes conveniently pass by cafes, restaurants, and even farmers’ markets. Take advantage of these stops to refuel your body and explore the city’s culinary scene. Enjoy a picnic lunch in a picturesque park, or grab a coffee and pastry from a local shop to support small businesses and add a social element to your hike.

Safety First

While you are unlikely to encounter wild animals on your urban hike, you must still stay alert to your surroundings. Let someone know your planned route and estimated return time, especially if venturing into unfamiliar areas. Be aware of potential hazards like uneven sidewalks or construction zones, and trust your gut if a certain area feels unsafe.

Urban hiking is a fantastic way to add a dash of adventure to your everyday routine. So lace up your shoes, hit the pavement, and discover a whole new side to your city – you might be surprised by the hidden oasis waiting to be explored.