So your weekend away is booked, your bags are packed and you are getting excited about heading out for your first hike. But perhaps some of those butterflies that you are feeling are not just excitement. There could be a hint of apprehension about taking on a hiking trail and experiencing just what it is like to push your body to the extreme.

At Bermanzi, we have some of the best hiking trails in Mpumalanga and we really are the perfect place to enjoy that weekend away that you have been so looking forward to. We have pristine hiking trails as well as some of the most comfortable accommodation which is just lovely on a cold winter’s night as it is on a hot summer’s day.

While planning your trip is great fun, there are some things that you should know about hiking that others are not likely to tell you.

  1. What you pack is important for more reason than one

When you are packing, or planning what it is that you want to take with you, you are going to come across numerous websites telling you what to pack. Some lists seem to go on and on forever and the result is that if you do go for the mountains of gear and the other goodies the web says you should bring along, you could well end up with a heavy backpack. Whatever you choose to pack, make sure you pack light!

  1. There are no pro hikers

Seriously, it is not a competition, and you don’t need to have every single piece of equipment on the list in order to have an enjoyable hike. So while some might think they are above the others because they go the extra mile and weigh every piece of equipment as they pack, keep in mind that everyone else is also trying to figure things out. This is especially true as each trail has its own demands and as such requires you to pack different things.

  1. Not every hike will take all day

When some are planning and packing for their hiking trip, they tend to think they will be out on the trail all day. And while that might be true in some cases, it is not true for every person. Some hiking trails in Mpumalanga, for instance, can be completed in less than a morning and as such you won’t even have to bring along all your gear or loads of food.

  1. You don’t need to be super fit

There is a huge misconception that in order to make the most of your hiking trip you need to be incredibly fit. But this is not at all true, especially as some hiking trails are actually a lot easier to take on than others. What is important is that when you go hiking you plan ahead by making yourself as informed as possible about what to expect on the trail.

At Bermanzi, our trails are easy to navigate and perfect for a fun family get away. And you can book your trip via our website.