South Africans love the great outdoors and hiking remains as popular as ever for those who really want to make the most of their time outside while also exploring the exquisite nature that makes up the vast landscapes of our beautiful nation.

As 2022 is swiftly drawing to a close, by now you are probably doing a little Christmas shopping, or you are possibly already thinking about what gifts to buy for that special hiker in your life. Instead of just buying any old thing for Christmas, this year should be more about sustainable gift-giving and giving the sorts of things that people will actually find useful.

Hiking trails in Mpumalanga

These gifts are not going to break your bank, and they are most certainly going to be loved and appreciated by those who receive them. Giving the hiker in your life one of the items on our list will get them off to a good start when they book their next hiking trip in Mpumalanga in 2023.

  1. Buy them a good pair of woolen socks and a boot brush

Woolen socks provide a whole lot more comfort when out on the hiking trail, and a boot brush is pretty self-explanatory. And yet while these two things can be almost essential to the hiker, many just don’t buy them for themselves, which makes these things a great Christmas gift.

  1. Get them a nice new water bottle

Water bottles have undergone so many makeovers in recent years that they have become interesting statement pieces and they come in some really unconventional but highly convenient sizes. This means that they make rather nice gifts for hikers, especially if you go the extra mile and personalise the gift.

  1. Buy them some instant coffee

There’s nothing as refreshing as a cup of coffee when out exploring the trails. And if your friend or loved one is really keen on their coffee, you can treat them to a tasty packet of instant coffee to take with them on their next hiking trip.

  1. Spoil them with a Leatherman tool

The Leatherman is a classic and as it is a multi-tool it is an essential item to take on a hiking trip, especially if that trip is really rough and rugged. These tools come in all shapes and sizes, which means they are available at some really affordable prices.

  1. Get them a journal or a coffee table book

Some things don’t have to be useful, some can just be a nice thing to have, like a book full of exquisite pictures to provide some hiking inspiration. And if your friend or loved one likes to sketch and write, you can buy them a journal that they can take out with them on the trail without having to worry about it being spoiled by the elements.