What to Do If You Encounter a Critter on a Hike

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When out on a hiking trail in Mpumalanga, surrounded by all of that wilderness, it can be quite easy to come across something you’d rather not. And although it is rare to be hurt by a stealthy arachnid or a hidden critter, you always want to be sure that you do everything you can

Hiking with Children – Where to Go and How to Plan

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Hiking in Mpumalanga with the little ones is a different kind of adventure. Children just see the world with different eyes, and when you take them on a hiking trip, they can make your entire experience something you have really never felt before, even if you are a regular hiker. Sharing your passion for

5 Things Hiking Teaches you About Living

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Is there anything more exhilarating than packing a backpack, putting on a pair of comfortable boots and heading outdoors for a hiking adventure? Being in nature, enjoying the sounds and the solitude, and just disconnecting from a world that is constantly screaming for your attention is the easiest and often the most affordable way

What is forest bathing and why should you try it?

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Walking outside among the trees, with nothing but the birds, small animals and insects as company, is one of the most relaxing experiences, once you allow yourself to disconnect from the world for a while. And deep the forests of Mpumalanga, you will find the best spot to do a little forest bathing. Mpumalanga

Morning vs. Afternoon Hiking – Which is the best option?

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There is an ideal time of day to go hiking, but it is not when you might think it is. While some might say that heading out in the morning is better, or that afternoon hiking is ideal, the real best time of day to put on those hiking boots and hit the trail

Why you should get out of your comfort zone

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Hiking in Mpumalanga is one of those activities that can really push you to your limits. It can challenge you mentally and physically, and it can push you into visiting new places and meeting new people. Basically, the best kind of hiking is going to take you out of your comfort zone and have

Tips for Hiking with your Dog

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Hitting the hiking trail is not just something that you alone can enjoy. As a dog owner, one of the best ways to bond with your hound, while getting them active and also allowing them the opportunity to get into nature, is to take them on the hike with you. Dogs are the very

How to handle those awkward hiking moments: Part 1

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Hiking is that past time that just never seems to get old. Heading out on a trail and taking in that fresh air, those amazing sightings, and returning with that feel good feeling that can only come from getting a good workout, is exactly what all hiking lovers strive for! But on those busier

5 Things No One Will Tell You About Hiking

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So your weekend away is booked, your bags are packed and you are getting excited about heading out for your first hike. But perhaps some of those butterflies that you are feeling are not just excitement. There could be a hint of apprehension about taking on a hiking trail and experiencing just what it

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