In the first of this 2 part series, we covered most of the basic awkward moments that hikers can expect to encounter. But there are a lot more moments that you might end up having to navigate, especially if you are taking on a hiking trail in Mpumalanga that is a little more crowded than those that you will find at Bermanzi.

Now that the spring months are so close, hiking in Mpumalanga is going to soon become a very popular pastime once more. Nothing beats spending a few days out in nature after a long and in many ways rough cold winter. What better way to celebrate the arrival of the new season, than with an outdoor adventure with your closest friends and family?

And to help you make the most of the season, and to be better prepared for those unexpected, unpleasant outdoor experiences on a hiking trail, this is the second list of ways that you prevent or handle an awkward moment.

What are the awkward moments?

  1. Battling the heat

South Africa’s spring and summer heat is really difficult to endure and while you might be prepared with the necessary supplements and more than enough water, when out on a trail you might come across a distressed hiker who underestimated the heat or ran out of energy half way. When you pass someone, even if they don’t look as though they are having trouble, you should interact with them, to be sure that they are okay. If they are not okay, try to help where you can.

  1. Hiking in big groups

It is loads of fun to hit the hiking trail when part of a big group of people, but the downside is that you can become a problem to others. Hiking as a large group means having to be aware of what is going on around you so that when you pass others on the trail, you do so with a moderate amount of consideration. Don’t hog the trail and make sure that you are a friendly face to those you pass.

  1. Political talk

In any setting a political discussion can be dangerous ground that leads to tension and outright fights. The world is far too political in most situations, so when you are out enjoying the fresh air and green nature, leave the political talk for home and just live in the moment. Besides, politics is talked about more than enough these days and talking about it while out on the trail won’t change the world. And if someone else starts discussing it, change the topic.

  1. Litter bugs

Passing someone on a hiking trail and watching them drop litter is an infuriating experience that no one wants to have to deal with. If you are one of the unfortunate people to see someone do this, then, to avoid a fight, pick it up or kindly ask them to. Fighting on your hike is something to avoid, but sometimes it is worth just asking someone to do the right thing, especially when they are polluting a beautiful part of the world.