When you’ve tracked all the trails, walked all the walks, and pretty much seen all there is to see, it is easy to become disenchanted with the whole hiking experience. You may even find that you are on the verge of giving up your fledging hobby well before you have experienced all that there is to enjoy.

Hiking in Mpumalanga is a popular past time and for very good reason. The scenery is green and full of life, the trails are easy to moderate and perfect for those new to the hobby, and the options for accommodation provide an exciting variety.

In many ways, hiking while physically demanding, is far more taxing on the mind. Being outdoors, having hiking goals and having plenty of other things on your mind all tends to come out while you are out in nature. If you have trouble breaking away or perhaps you’ve set impossible hiking goals and you now feel under pressure to follow them through, the enjoyment of hiking can be taken out of the experience.

What you need to do is find a way to fall back in love with the experience you once loved. And we have a few tips that you might find helpful.

Hiking Mpumalanga

Look at the beauty around you

Honestly, we live in a gorgeous country and just taking a walk out in nature will remind you of this fact. The landscapes are nothing short of awe-inspiring, and our corner of Mpumalanga is alive with lush vegetation, stunning flowers, and rushing waterfalls. From watching the sun rise, with its gentle light beaming through the tree leaves, to gazing at an unobscured moon on a clear night, there is so much to enjoy among the many natural sights.

No two trails are the same, even if you are hiking in Mpumalanga for the millionth time. There is, however, plenty to fall in love with while you are outdoors enjoying all that fresh air. If you feel as though you are losing your love for hiking, you might find that a few hours spent out in the beauty of the natural world will do wonders.

The journey is what you make it

It really all begins and ends in your mind. And the type of journey you’ll have truly depends on what type of journey you have in mind. There should be no pressure involved in a hike. Instead, you should have the type of trip you really want. This means, if you want to go on your own, then do the solo hike and if you prefer to hike with a group, be sure to invite your friends along. Take the trails you want to take, stop where you want to stop, and throw any idea of having to follow rules right out the window. This is your hike, and the journey will be what you make it.


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